Greenfield City Council revisiting controversial plastic bag ban

Franklin County

The Greenfield City Council was one vote away from restricting businesses from using plastic bags after their October 17 vote.

Greenfield City Councilor Douglas Mayo was one of the five “no” votes but told 22News he has changed his mind.

“Last year I picked up 400 bags of trash and every single one of those bags had a good assortment of plastic bags and that was only on four streets in town,” said City Councilor Mayo.

Mayo said they have been gathering opinions from local businesses on their proposed ban on single-use plastic bags.

The World Eye Bookstore in downtown Greenfield uses both plastic and paper bags. They told 22News they are not against a ban on plastic but they are concerned with some of the restrictions included in the ban. 

Mayo said the proposed ordinance would require Greenfield businesses to display signs at their register, informing customers of the 10 cent charge for paper bags. 

The ordinance would include retail stores and grocery stores, but not restaurants. 

Mayo said the city council will meet on December 19, to decide whether they’ll vote on the plastic bag ban.

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