GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Greenfield Community College (GCC) welcomed the community to its special Martin Luther King, Jr., Day celebration on Monday.

The Martin Luther King chorus raised their voices with songs that spoke directly to a message of equality, on the third Monday in January when America honors his memory as well as his message. The vast audience would hear from keynote speaker Kwamane Harris, who told 22News how the lessons from Dr. King had impacted his life in a positive way.

“I really want to get my message to young people, anyone who struggles in their life, they can find purpose and that’s the key to what this is all about,” said Harris.

Harris delivered his message to an audience filled with the Greenfield Human Rights commission and the Interfaith Council of Franklin County, along with a much younger audience who also got the message they hope to carry forward in years to come.

“It’s about sharing, what is good for America. Get knocked down, get back up, let Americans know they’re like a family,” said Shiva.

Many voices speaking out on this special day, all carrying one message that Dr. King immortalized many years ago on a historic day in the nation’s Capital, and continues to have impacts on the college campus.