GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Greenfield Fire Department has been awarded a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for new self-contained breathing equipment filling station.

The $70,000 grant is part of the city’s new Fire Station and will replace equipment that is approximately 30 years old and functionally obsolete. The current system can only can refill two air packs at a time, rather than three which will be in the new one. The new filling station will also have enhanced filtration and the ability to wirelessly track the filling of bottles in accordance with the fire protection association.

“The new filling station will allow us to refill three air packs at a time, rather than the current two, and include enhanced filtration and radio frequency identification tracking of bottle fills, as required by the National Fire Protection Association,” said Fire Chief Robert Strahan. “We thank FEMA for making this needed investment in the safety of our firefighters.”

“That we know when things are getting filled and that they’re getting filled properly to protect the health and safety and respiratory health and safety of our firefighters, so they can continue to provide the best service to the city,” said Captain Alex Cooley.

Greenfield expects to break ground on its new fire station, on Main Street, sometime this fall. The fire department will occupy its new headquarters in late 2023 if all goes to plan.