GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Greenfield police are implementing changes to their workforce due to budget cuts and the increase in fuel costs.

According to the Greenfield Police Department, the following changes are in effect as of 3 p.m. Wednesday:

  • Staffing will be reduced from four single-officer cruisers to two double-officer cruisers.
  • Cruiser mileage will be limited to trips that are absolutely necessary to our core mission as a police department.
  • Idling of cruisers should be limited to reduce fuel consumption.

“We will continue to give the highest priority to life-threatening calls. The Department recognizes that these changes will affect response times for certain calls, our proactive approach to crime and traffic enforcement, and our visibility in the community.

These significant changes are designed to ensure the safety of our officers by sending no fewer than two officers to a call, while addressing the financial and political realities that confront the Department.”

Greenfield Police Department