GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Greenfield Public Library announced that it is officially fine-free.

Late fees have not been charged during the pandemic, and the Library Board of Trustees, in accordance with Mayor Roxann Wedegartner, has decided to continue this policy going forward. 

“The Library Board of Trustees unanimously voted in favor of eliminating fines for overdue materials and forgiving fines incurred but not yet paid. On a national level, many libraries are updating their policies as we are doing. There is a lot of research that indicates that fines are a deterrent for many folks causing them to use their library less or not at all,” said Board Chair, Doris Cowdrey.

The Greenfield Public Library will be forgiving all historical late fees but not replacement costs that exist on patrons’ cards for Greenfield Public Library materials however exceptions to this new policy are museum passes, which have strict lending limits, as well as materials borrowed from other libraries. 

“I’m thrilled to see this happening in the City as we’re heading out of a historic pandemic, it’s an important time to support our children and families in Greenfield. I applaud the Library Board of Trustees’ unanimous vote in support of continuing this policy,” said Mayor Roxann Wedegartner.

The library’s goal is to make access to the library and its materials equitable for everyone.