GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The plastic bag ban in Greenfield and has been in effect for nearly two weeks. 

One group in Greenfield is leading the charge when it comes to making sure residents are using reusable bags now that the plastic bag ban is in effect. One Greenfield store says they used all their plastic bags up before the ban started, but people are still adjusting to the change. 

“We have had some people that just put everything in their arms and go out because they don’t want to buy a bag for 10 cents,” said Matthew Deane, president of Foster’s Super Market. “But they’re getting used to it, it’s going to be fine.” 

Paper bags cost around 16 cents per bag so they’re charging 10 cents per bag for customers – a difference similar to when they gave plastic bags for free. But one local group wants to eliminate even the use of paper bags. 

“We would work with whoever to try to get reusable bags into the hands of anyone for whom purchasing a reusable bag might be a financial hardship,” said Peg Hall, treasurer of Greening Greenfield. 

Friends of reusable bags, a group within Greening Greenfield, makes reusable bags out of recycled materials. 

Reporter: Why start this cause? What is the importance of plastic bags, reusable bags in 2020? 

Peg Hall: Plastic bags are made out of oil; oil is made out of dinosaurs. That’s the definition of a non-renewable resource, we’re not making any new dinosaurs. And yet at the same time, these bags never go away. They last for essentially indefinitely. 

They’ve distributed at least 1,600 bags so far. The friends of reusable bags will be holding their next bag making session on February first at the greenfield winter carnival.