GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)–Greenfield’s Mayor delivered her State of the City address Monday night, centered around ongoing issues surrounding the city’s police department.

Mayor Roxanne Wedegartner spoke about moving forward in 2023 after Police Chief Robert Haigh was suspended for several months last year in connection with a civil discrimination lawsuit filed by a Black former Greenfield officer. The chief was brought back by Mayor Wedegartner after the jury awarded a $425,000 judgment to the officer.

Monday night, the Mayor said Chief Haigh is making progress after the lawsuit, and that the department is upgrading policies and improving procedures for the future.

“Those policies must first be agreed upon among the police department bargaining units and they are working through that process,” said Wedgegartner. “I am taking steps to bring on new people to our public safety commission and look forward to the near future when we have a full board of 5 members to assist and advise me on public safety issues.”

The mayor also spoke about housing and improving the city’s infrastructure for the new year.

She was joined by City Council President Daniel Guin who also offered remarks after the Mayor. The speech was held at the John Zon Community Center.