NEW SALEM, Mass. (WWLP) – An owl is recuperating after being rescued in New Salem on Thursday.

According to the New Salem Department, Lt. John Bonafini came to the rescue of an owl who was found injured by a motorist on Route 202.

On Thursday afternoon, Lt. John Bonafini was on duty in town and was notified by a motorist that there was an injured Barred Owl in the roadway on Route 202. The motorist, James Gebo, emailed 22News Friday morning saying he saw the owl around 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning. He made an attempt to catch it but was unsuccessful.

Gebo came back later in the day and found the owl in the woods. He called the Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Center and asked if he should catch it. That’s when Lt. Bonafini was waved down by Gebo for assistance. Lt. Bonafini left to get a bird cage, when he returned Gebo caught the owl and placed it in the officer’s cage.

The Barred Owl has been taken in by Tom Ricardi of the Massachusetts Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Center. Ricardi told Lt. Bonafini the owl appears to be in good condition and should be able to be rehabilitated back into the wild.