LEVERETT, Mass. (WWLP) – A family in Leverett hosted both Senator Jo Comerford and Representative Natalie Blais Tuesday because of new legislation they’re campaigning for, to potentially make the roads safer for children.

The Goscenski family have two children and everyday when they wait for the bus with them, they’ve noticed that some drivers are putting their kids lives at risk. The family on Long Plain Road in Leverett shared video of them waiting for the school bus with their son and daughter.

Time after time, they have witnessed drivers disregarding the law and speeding right by a stopped school bus. Out of frustration and a desire to increase public safety, the Goscenski’s contacted local police, the Leverett Select Board and elected state officials to share these videos and to hold a school bus safety event.

“We’re holding this event today to raise awareness and try and get some new legislation passed where we can actually use footage from cameras on the bus to actually to give fines out to stop violators,” said Wes Goscenski.

Wes counted ten times last year and five times already this year where this has happened right in front of their home. The family wants everyone to know that if you drive by a stopped school bus while these red lights are still flashing, you’re putting children’s lives at risk.

State Representative Natalie Blais told 22News, “I mean that’s what this is all about, driver responsibility around school buses to protect our children and prevent tragedy.”

Senator Jo Comerford and Representative Natalie Blais are now working on stricter legislation to deter from making this mistake across the Commonwealth.

Aside from passing new legislation and reinforcing safe driving around school buses, parents are encouraged to tell your kids to wait, look, and listen before crossing every time they get on the bus.