A man and woman were found dead in Greenfield Monday afternoon.

The Northwestern District Attorney’s Office said a man and woman were found dead in these woods behind the McDonald’s on Mohawk Trail in Greenfield Monday afternoon. 

Temperatures were in the single digits on Monday, and the DA’s office told 22News, the people died in a tent in the woods. 

“It’s winter in New England. It’s cold. It made things even more difficult than usual,” said Michael Harriman of Greenfield.

Even though there’s a sign there that says keep out, one person in the area said about 6 people live in the woods. 

Joseph Finn lives in a motor home in a lot near the woods and has known the 2 people that died for 15 years. 

Finn told 22News the cold could have had something to do with the deaths, “This past weekend with the temperatures 25 below, it was hard in that. So, I can imagine it was even worse in the tent. And then you got people who aren’t even in the tents. There’s no place for anybody to go.”

The DA’s office said they do not believe these people were victims of a crime, but they are still determining exactly how they died.