GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)  – Could a trainline that connects North Adams, Greenfield, and Boston become a reality?

On Thursday state, local and federal leaders joined in on a Zoom call discussing the research process, which is expected to run through Spring of 2023. While it could be several years before a train leaves the station, local leaders are optimistic.

“The momentum and the funding as we look at what’s happening in Washington is there for us to think very creatively,” said Mayor Thomas Bernard of North Adams.

Mayor Bernard is part of the working group as the MassDOT begins exploring how a Northern Tier Passenger Rail can become a reality. The study will look into factors like how it will impact local economies and the environment.

Makaela Niles with MassDOT said it will be similar to the East-West study that came out earlier this year, which looked at the impacts of a line connecting Pittsfield and Springfield to Boston, “The East-West process really highlighted the importance of increased transportation options as well as the investments that may be required.”

Decades since the last train rode from Boston to North Adams, discussions about putting in a new line have been a lot like Lucy with the football. However, Mayor Roxann Wedegartner said with more people working from home, cities like Greenfield are becoming more accessible.

MassDOT said there would be several public comment sessions throughout the planning process.