GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The unofficial start to summer is also the official start to grilling season but what will your cookout cost you?

While food prices are higher than last year, we’re not seeing dramatic swings in costs. Foster’s Supermarket in Greenfield is getting ready to welcome people as they stock up on their grilling needs. If you keep good records, you may notice your receipt from last year’s cookout has gone up by about 8.4 percent. However grocery stores are starting to see a very slight decrease in prices, about a .2 percent.

Matthew Deane is the President of Foster’s Supermarket, he said prices remain steady but he wishes they would go down, “You know things always seem to go quicker than they go down but it would be nice if the price could drop somewhat to help the customer.”

Deane expects their meat department will be especially busy this weekend. According to the USDA, beef and veal prices are expected to decrease half a percent this year.