MONTAGUE, MASS. (WWLP)- Efforts are underway to clean up a softball field in the Montague Center.

As it stands, no official games can be played there but the people behind this project are hoping to change that. They were planning to make a few repairs but after the community overwhelmingly responded to this idea, they’re now trying to raise $15,000 to really get this thing going.

The Montague Center Park is located by the post office. The mounds, the back stop, and the dug out fence all need replacing to make things safe so the kids can play. However, this field is particularly important because it’s the only softball field in Montague Center, and one of very few softball fields in Franklin County.

Chris and Sophia Pinardi of Montague Center told 22News, “I think everybody would agree kids are our future and if you have a safe place for them to play they learn things like teamwork and leadership skills and I think it’s important.”

They’ve already received monetary donations as well as stuff to build the field. Chris Pinardi estimates that’s about $11,000. If you’d like to donate, you can send it by mail to:

Jon Dobosz
Director of Parks & Recreation
Montague Parks & Recreation Dept.
56 First St.
Turners Falls, MA 01376