GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Northeast Biodiesel will start production at a facility in Greenfield Wednesday.

After many years of development, the plant will be able to collect and recycle used cooking oil to produce fuel that will then be used for heating, construction equipment and transportation. Northeast Biodiesel will produce 1.5 million gallons a year of clean fuel made from a recycled product at full capacity with one processor, and doubling production in a year with a second processor. The process will help reduce the region’s carbon and air pollution.

A news conference with Mayor Roxanne Wiedegartner, area legislators, lenders, and worker-owners will take place at the facility located on 179 Silvio O. Conte Drive off Route 2 Wednesday morning.

Dorian Gregory, Deputy Executive Director of CFNE said “Cooperative Fund of the Northeast is excited to collaborate in financing the launch of this multi-stakeholder cooperatively-owned clean energy project. This is a great example of solidarity among many people and organizations over many years to prioritize bringing solutions to the climate crisis through quality jobs and shared community ownership.”

Lynn Benander, President of Northeast Biodiesel Company LLC and Co-op Power, says, “There’s never been a better time to launch a biodiesel manufacturing plant than today.  Between the increased market demand and the increased federal  incentives, Northeast Biodiesel will be profitable when we get to full production and it will provide a valuable fuel to keep our diesel engines and oil heat systems running with a cleaner fuel than petroleum biodiesel.”

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with so many talented, motivated individuals and organizations on a project that addresses so many pressing issues with increasing levels of political instability surrounding the fossil fuel industry, and the environment in turmoil.” said Worker Co-op President Thomas Ratte

Mayor Wedegartner said, “I want to congratulate Northeast Biodiesel on their hard work to receive this grant, and to thank Mass Development and Mass Capital/Life Initiative for their confidence in the company. Northeast Biodiesel, located in our industrial park, is the essence of the sustainability that the City of Greenfield has come to be known for as the first designated Green Community in Massachusetts. Climate change is real and I was happy to give Northeast Biodiesel my enthusiastic support and help during the grant process, showing the City’s ongoing commitment to reducing carbon emissions.“  MJ Adams applauds the tenacity of the folks at Northeast BioDiesel – to be innovative on two fronts – green energy and worker-owned business!