DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A dog owner was cited in Franklin County Tuesday for having their dogs off-leash, causing them to chase and kill a deer along the Deerfield River.

Massachusetts Environmental Police were informed on Monday by a person fishing that they recorded a video of two dogs chasing a deer through the river. They said the dogs eventually caught up to the deer and killed it.

Officers were able to contact a nearby resident that was the owner of the dogs on Tuesday. They stated that they were walking three dogs with two being off-leash and when the dogs saw the deer, they ran off and chased it. Environmental Police have cited the dog owner for allowing the dogs to chase and kill the deer.

Massachusetts Leash Law

In Massachusetts, a dog is required to be leashed in public areas unless in a designated area, such as a dog park. Dog owners that do not follow this law can be fined up to $100.