SUNDERLAND, Mass. (WWLP) – Police are asking residents to keep their distance after numerous reports of a cub spotted in Sunderland.

The bear cub was reportedly on Garage Road, Cliffside Apartments, Silver Lane, and the Social Amherst Apartments according to a Facebook post by the Sunderland Police Department. The Massachusetts Environmental Police have been made aware.

Sunderland police say to keep your distance and keep your dogs on a leash. On Monday afternoon, a bear cub was struck by a vehicle and killed on Route 116 in Deerfield.

Massachusetts is the third most densely populated state in the country for black bears. There are approximately 4,500 black bears in the state and they are expanding eastward. If you have a bear in your yard, do not approach it or get close to it, especially if it is a cub. Making loud noises can help scare the bear away. After the bear leaves, remove whatever attracted the bear to your home, whether it’s trash, pet food, or even a bird feeder