MONTAGUE, Mass. (WWLP) – Heavy rain has caused some major flooding in the Millers Falls area of Montague Sunday morning.

According to Turners Falls Fire Department, a stream was flooded by heavy rains on the mountain overwhelming the culverts and the flood went through Millers Falls. The power was shut down for most of Millers Falls in result of the flood with the possibility of it getting into residential places especially basements with electricity. As of 9:38 a.m., most of the power in town has been restored.

“I have never ever seen anything like this in this town ever,” Mary Cichanowicz said.

Cichanowicz’s was one of the many residents who had to pump their basements to remove water.

“I pumped it out last night at 11:30, woke up this morning to Greenfield officers saying they wanted to check on my house to make sure my house was ok. And it was flooded again,” she said.

Montague Fire Chief Zellmann has told businesses in the area that power could be turned off for several hours as they work to remove layers of mud on Main Street. Rustic Romance and The Depot told 22News they will be not open Sunday due to safety.

Our 22News crew saw a vehicle in a sinkhole near a house on Newton Road Sunday morning. Residence were allowed in to the home for a moment to gather there things but had to do so quickly. The state of the structure of the home is not safe. Residents told 22News a huge flood came through to the point it was reaching the first floor windows, knocking out an AC unit and leaving debris everywhere.

There has been one residence confirmed where water got on a switchboard. The fire department went door to door evacuating residents in low-lying areas, meaning they are closer to the water and could be impacted by the flooding. Certain buildings have been evacuated due to water impacting foundations but not all evacuated.

“”I come look at the window, there’s like this river, and it’s all the way up to our window, the water is flowing and it’s going down here and everything started to collapse. It’s so sad. It’s so sad,” Logan Addison said.

No one was hurt when the water came through. Residents are asked to stay away from the affected areas.