CHARLEMONT, Mass. (WWLP) – The masses turned out for a beautiful day on the snow Sunday.

Long lift lines signaling how popular a place Berkshire East is with the winter weather attracting skiers and snow boarders from all over the Northeast.

“I just like that it’s on snow, I just like snow,” expressed Maya from New Jersey.

“I just think it’s fun to have a winter activity and to not get cold doing it because you’re moving around,” added Shiri from Philadelphia.

The clear skies Sunday provided welcoming conditions following a bitter cold start to the holiday weekend.

Nathan who works in the marketing department for Berkshire East told 22News, “Yesterday with the wind chill we had temperatures as low as 30 below zero, so today is much warmer and we’ve got bigger crowds today for sure.”

According to the staff at Berkshire East, this is one of the busiest days of the year. They encourage skiers and snowboarders to buy tickets ahead.

“It’s a little chilly but with the sun out and the wind died down, it’s a nice day, can’t really complain,” said Charles Lewis III from Ellington, Connecticut.

For some this was the start of the season on the slopes. A perfect way to get some fresh air.

“Just being outside, you know you don’t really get outside too much in the winter so just to be able to enjoy the weather outside and doing something fun,” said Neil Chamberland.

One ski visitor has been enjoying the activity for years now.

“… Seven years. Since I was two,” said Talia from New Jersey.

While Jonah from Philadelphia told 22News, “I like when you get on the lift, once you get to the top you have the whole view.”