TURNERS FALLS, Mass. (WWLP) – Students at Franklin County Technical School assisted in the birth of newborn goats.

Addie, a Nigerian dwarf goat delivered three kids during the 10th grade Veterinary and Animal Science class on March 1. The teacher, Ms. Barry, brought her goat to school that day to monitor it after showing signs of labor.

The students are learning about postpartum care for the newborn goats and their mother. The mother rejected one of the kids (a common occurrence in livestock), so the students are now learning how to properly bottle feed newborn goats as well.

“This was a great lesson in normal caprine birth and the steps that need to be taken immediately after kids are born,” Barry said. “One of the things we always stress at Franklin County Tech is giving our students real-world experiences in their fields of interest, and this experience was as ‘real-world’ as it gets. It was great for the students to see this birth up close and be able to ask questions about what they saw.”

“Assisting in the birth of these goats and the subsequent care for them is something that these students won’t soon forget, and it was a special way for them to learn more about animal science,” Director West said. “Our veterinary program has a long history of hands-on education and this is just the latest example of that.”