GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Supply chain issues and staffing shortages have become a reality for many businesses across the country, since the pandemic started. So 22News wanted to see what local businesses are experiencing now.

22News went to the Franklin County Bureau in Greenfield with the current situation at Foster’s Supermarket. The national headlines are a reality here in Greenfield as well. The President of Foster’s told 22News it’s about navigating them and moving forward.

They said a lot of it has been the same as what we’ve seen throughout these roughly two years. A new day can come with a new product that’s harder to find. Like pasta for example has been the latest supply chain struggle. However staffing wise, things are starting to look up.

“It was pretty rough around the holiday time. We were pretty short staffed. We made do but it wasn’t ideal but it’s getting better now. Seems to be more people coming out looking to work.” said Matthew Deane, President of Foster’s Supermarket.

We’ve talked about how businesses have had to make what seemed like temporary decisions at the time, and they’ve now become long term business practices. For Foster’s that adjustment have been closing an hour earlier each day, giving them more time to clean, and easing staffing challenges.