Orange, Mass. (WWLP) – A threat against the Ralph C. Mahar Regional School District has been looked into by Orange Police.

The threat was first made aware to the school via social media. The student then reported the threat to her guardian, later informing the police about the situation. An investigation was then completed to find out whether this threat would pose any harm to the school.

Police have determined the school is not of a credible nature. The school administration is also going to be following up with its own investigation. The school says that this threat will be addressed in accordance with school policy and procedures.

The school stated in a letter, “Please know that the safety of our students is of utmost importance. Incidents such as this are taken very seriously and in order to maintain the safest school environment possible, it is imperative to have the mindset of “See something, Say something.”

In an agreement between the Orange Police Department and the school’s administration, since the threat is not found dangerous, the school is safe to continue Wednesday, March 1st.