WHATELY, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s been closed since 2019 but now the Tri-Town Beach is once again welcoming residents from Deerfield, Whately and a few other Franklin County communities.

Tri-Town Beach Commissioner Patriciaann Pirog from the Town of Deerfield told 22News, “To me it’s giving back. It’s giving something that my kids used to use, that they enjoy and that everyone in the community enjoys.”

Pirog said the regional beach sold 50 season passes in the first weekend alone but before they could reopen, they needed to make a few changes, including updates to the bath house such as adding hot water and bringing the electrical system up to code.

“New pads for our gazebos just because over time, things broke down. We had some work done on our well pump in here in the septic system. And we’re getting back out now and we’re going to be doing some work hopefully over the next couple weeks on our dock,” said Pirog.

The town beach will be fully staffed and open to residents in Deerfield, Whately, Hatfield, Conway and Sunderland. This place is home to quite a few memories.

For Chris Parsons, this is where he learned to swim and eventually went through lifeguard training. Now he’s on active duty in New Mexico and North Carolina. He wanted to stop by the place where he made his mark.

“It means a lot to a lot of families and all the towns. And I know if anyone can do anything about it, they’ll try to keep this place open for as long as possible,” said Parsons.

Pirog hopes to eventually do some more work on the beach like replacing the bath house and adding outdoor sound systems.