TURNERS FALLS, Mass. (WWLP) – The Turners Falls Fire Department is one of 308 Massachusetts departments that received grants from the Firefighter Safety Equipment Grant Program.

Captain Luke Harnett told 22News his department received $10,100 from the program, which will go to personal protective equipment for some of the firefighters.

“We ask so much of our firefighters, and no matter how dangerous or difficult the situation they always do whatever it takes to help,” said Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker in a press release. “This program is an opportunity to make sure they are properly protected every time they answer a call for help.”

Firefighters were able to chose from 121 different types of equipment.

“We know that the occupational cancer risk caused by cumulative exposure to toxins encountered while firefighting is as great a danger to firefighters as fire and smoke itself,” said Undersecretary of Homeland Security Benincasa Thorpe.

The CDC said cancer is the leading cause of death in firefighters, who are exposed to gases, vapors, and particles. Cancer causing chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde are byproducts of combustion and burning. Gear that is not properly stored and cleaned may have cancer causing chemicals that spread to the fire trucks and fire station.

Different phases of a fire produce different risk levels and exposures. For example, a car fire will have different risk levels and exposures then a house fire. The phase of the fire may also change the chemical exposure risk level.