The Department of Conservation and Recreation is planning to cut trees in the Wendell State Forest. 

Two non-profit groups are trying to stop the DCR from logging at Wendell State Forest. 

There are 75-hundred acres of trees, ponds, and hiking trails in Wendell State Forest. 

The DCR wants to clear three locations, including an 88-acre 110-year-old oak forest.

The organization “Save Brook Road Forest” created an online petition asking the state not to log this section of Wendell State Forest. 

The DCR said their logging plan will improve forest productivity and enhance species diversity.

In a statement sent to 22News, DCR spokesman Troy Wall said:

“The Commonwealth is proud of its creative and aggressive approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and continues to implement selective forest management projects in an effort to promote the health of woodlands and diverse habitat across the state, and increase forest resilience to climate change impacts.”

“All of the state experts are foresters and their concern is the value of the tree,” said Mark Blatchley of Erving.

“Restore: the North Woods” Co-Founder Michael Kellet told 22News they wrote a letter asking DCR to justify their logging proposal. 

Kellet said he can find no scientific evidence that logging improves a forest’s health. 

Kellet said they and “Save the Brook Road Forest” plan to protest the logging proposal tomorrow and every Saturday along Route 2.