GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Construction on the Temporary Fire Station on Hope Street is moving on schedule as officials expect firefighters to be able to occupy the building next month.

“We know that sometimes big projects can get delayed but I’m very happy to hear that currently the timeline of this construction project is continuing on schedule and that our Fire Department will begin their organized move into the new quarters in mid-to-late August. I especially want to thank DPW Director Marlo Warner and the DPW workers who helped prep the site with electrical, water and sewer hookups and continue to contribute significant work on the site. This helps us keep costs down. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the community and impacted neighborhoods for their continued patience and support as we begin the large capital projects in the City this year.”

Greenfield Mayor Roxann Wedegartner

Neil Joyce, the project manager from Construction Monitoring Services, Inc., said Wednesday in a statement that the recent updates to the Temporary Fire Station have included the construction of bays that will house the fire engines, rescue vehicles, and other essential fire-fighting equipment. Currently, contractors are working to frame interior rooms and partitions as city electricians and plumbers continue to install fire alarm devices, electrical panels, service connections, and lighting.

“We are working daily to ensure the best and safest possible scenario for our firefighters during this transition. I’m grateful the timeline for this move is on schedule and we look forward to beginning to get set up next month. ”

Greenfield Fire Chief Robert Strahan

In addition to renovated bays for fire equipment, the Temporary Fire Station will also feature modular areas which will act as office space for administration and Chief Robert Strahan, as well as provide a living quarters for the fire fighters. The setting and leveling of the modular areas is already underway. Once completed finishing details and the installation of needed technology can begin.

Certain equipment, such as the emergency generator, SCBA Bottle filler, compressor, etc., will be furnished from the pre-existing firehouse. This work will be coordinated with Greenfield Fire Department as the movie-in date gets closer.