GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – MassDOT continues to study the feasibility of connecting Boston to Greenfield and beyond by train.

Well, the most recent revelation from MassDOT’s study, the estimated cost is at least one-billion dollars. Officials I spoke to here in Greenfield say, it’s worth it.

Three and a half years since the Valley Flyer expanded to seven-day service from Greenfield to New Haven, the Franklin County Seat is looking to connect another major metro region to its economy in Boston.

“It really gives the state a lot more flexibility in really maintaining its premiere position of talent. People want to work in this great state, but not everyone can live in Metro Boston,” said MJ Adams, Director of Community and Economic Development in Greenfield.

To give you an idea of what stage we are in here, the most recent newsletter on the project, explores the differences between Commuter Train routes and Intercity Passenger Train routes.
That affects everything from ticket options, to scheduling a makeup, which federal agencies handle oversight, and even how Amtrak is allowed to utilize the equipment.

The City of Greenfield has already moved onto the next step, figuring out how to get visitors from far afield out to enjoy Franklin County. “We have to take a look at the local connections. How do you get to Berkshire east, what are the options for bringing a touring bicycle up from NYC, we need more hotel and lodging spaces up here,” Adams adds. “We don’t have a lift we don’t have Uber we don’t have a taxi. So there are other sorts of micro transportation issues that we know we have to get our arms around.”

So long story short, we’re still a long way from riding Greenfield to Boston, but the city is comfortable with being patient, as they work to upgrade their facilities to welcome the traffic.