SOUTH DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – In honor of Memorial Day, the parents of Navy Corpsman Meaghan Burns, who died in 2019, hosted a Memorial Day Run to Remember event at Frontier Regional School in South Deerfield on Sunday.

The event is sponsored by the “Wear Blue: Run to Remember” organization and honors the American military’s service and sacrifice through active remembrance. These observances help people across the country heal from the loss of a military loved one. It starts with a moment of silence and a circle of remembrance.

“We are gathered together today to honor, not only my daughter, but over 65,000 service members that have died since the Vietnam era,” expressed Carolyn Burns, who is a Gold Star Mother.

Carolyn Burns told 22News that these events help keep their name alive. “We go around in a circle saying their names to make sure that they are living and a memorial will continue on.”

Amanda Burrage and her sister ran for the first time to remember military loved ones. “Just the memory part of it and honoring people who have served previously, and it’s a good community event to get people together as well. So, good reason for a lot of purposes, but a perfect day.”

“We take purposeful steps for the fallen, the fighting, and the families to ensure people know about our children, our brothers, our sisters, and friends,” said Burns.

She says lost loved ones from the military will continue to live on through their words.