WHATELY, Mass, (WWLP) – The Franklin County community of Whately did itself proud on Sunday with a parade highlighting its 250 years of history.

This town of slightly more than 1,500 residents has made quite a bit of history since the community was incorporated 250 years ago to where Whatley is now, bursting with vitality from the many farms in the area, bursting with energy belying its modest population.

The parade displaying its small town charm back then and now, and when the parade had run its course, glowing reviews from the folks who’ve lived here all their lives.

“You’re not going to get as many people as Northampton, and Springfield, anything like that, but for a small town between Greenfield and Northampton, it was pretty good,” Andrew Kloc of Whately, told 22News.

“I think it was fantastic I enjoyed the Shriners, they did an excellent job, all the fire trucks,” said Lola Stone.

“You didn’t to be a resident of Whately to join the chorus singing its praises. Folks from the neighboring town of Hatfield also sang its praises.

A 250th anniversary parade celebrating a town and all its residents have accomplished over the years.