GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Eggs were at historically high costs back in December but now people are just starting to see a change that many have been waiting for.

According to Urner Barry, a market research firm that specializes in the wholesale food industry, the average price of a dozen eggs hit a record peak of around $5.43 on December 19th. This week, that number has dropped to $2.61, a 52 percent decrease from the apex.

2022 saw historically high inflation for nearly everything and egg prices stood out as they rose faster than almost any other good.

“The hardest part really has been the supply. So you hear a lot of grumbling about the price, like, ‘I cant believe a dozen eggs is $6.’ We’ve worked really hard to source lower priced eggs, at least the lowest we can find,” said Shannon Dean, head of the Dairy Department at Foster’s Supermarket.

An historic outbreak of bird flu disrupted the egg supply last year and with demand on the decline since the holiday season, plus cases of bird flu dropping since December… prices have become more reasonable. Despite some lingering frustration towards high costs, consumers are still paying the price to get some protein.

“But it’s kind of a staple in a lot of people’s households, no matter the price,” said Dean.

Foster’s Supermarket told 22News that they have been trying their best to keep costs down for customers and they’re happy to see that things are finally heading in the right direction.