SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A back-to-school party was held for children living in Springfield’s North End and the Brightwood community may long remember it.

With the start of school just days away, the children and their parents were treated to a summer send-off by the Springfield School Department along with the New North Citizens’ Council, Inc. at Roberto Clemente field on Plainfield Street where the School Department distributed 3,000 backpacks. You could feel the excitement from everyone there.

“It took a team, a community and public school, mayor’s office, and everything to came together.”

It was an experience in sharing not merely school supplies but hope for the future that a pandemic would never again interfere with and disrupt their children’s education. An event shared by parents along with the children.

“Kids got a lot of cool stuff, nice bags, lots of useful stuff. It was awesome.”

As the dancing continued, the children felt one step closer to returning to class to be welcomed by their teachers, one week from Monday, August 29th.