CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – With multiple school closings on Tuesday due to the snowstorm, what is there to do when you are stuck at home?

A snow day is a perfect time to introduce fun snow activities that can create more quality time with the whole family, according to

Here is a list of fun indoor/outdoor activities that you can do on a snow day:

Build a snowman

Create a snowman the old-fashioned way or use some assistance with a snowman mold and snowman kit with all of the accessories, and you can also challenge your kids to find a creative way to build a snowman by supplying different props that they have to incorporate.

Go sledding

You can create ramps in your backyard or visit the local sledding hill.

Make snow paint with food coloring and water

Fill a squirt bottle or a spray bottle with water, then add a few drops of food coloring to each bottle of water and mix it to create snow paint.

Have a snowball fight

Have a snowball fight, and you can use a snowball maker to stock up before you start the fight.

Make a hot chocolate bar

Let everyone choose from their favorite toppings for their ultimate hot drink, such as whipped cream, caramel syrup, peppermint chips, and more.

Create an indoor scavenger hunt

Create a list of items for kids to search for around the house, maybe that missing sock from the dryer.

Make snow ice cream

You can make homemade ice cream from snow using sweetened condensed milk and vanilla.

Indoor picnic

Grab paper plates and enjoy your lunch of choice on a large blanket for an indoor picnic right in your living room.

Bake your favorite treats

Snow days are always a good time to make cookies, cakes, and your favorite treats.

Make snow candy

Put fresh snow in a baking dish or large bowl. Boil some maple syrup and pour some onto the fresh snow. The syrup strips will begin to harden in a few seconds and then attach them to your wooden popsicle stick by wrapping and twisting.

Make a giant blanket fort

Gather a bunch of flat sheets and sleeping bags to create a blanket fort. Additional supplies could include pillows, couch cushions, string, and clothespins to help keep the sheets secure.