CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Wallet worries at the pump continue as we head into the weekend leaving many drivers to reconsider weekend plans.

22News spoke to people at the Ludlow Service Plaza, who are reducing travel or holding off on big purchases until prices go back down.

“Something needs to change because we can’t continue the way it’s going,” said Sean Goodrich of Auburn Massachusetts.

It’s the fifth consecutive day that communities in the commonwealth have seen an increase in gas prices, according to AAA. With prices at the pump continuing to set new record highs many people are looking to cut back on spending where ever else they can.

“It’s like I have to spend 70 bucks to fill up so I probably should not go out to eat and get things I don’t need,” said Lars Schuster of Montana.

22News spoke to Sean Goodrich, who works delivering fuel in Massachusetts. Goodrich owns his own truck and spends over 550 dollars a day at the pump.

“Being the guy delivering the fuel I see that it’s going to affect everything we purchase. The milk’s going to go up groceries are going to go up going out to eat the meals are going to cost more money because it costs more to get everything there,” said Goodrich.

The uncertainty surrounding the state of gas is leading people to cut back on traveling in general, which could also delay peoples vacation plans, big purchases, or making the decision to work from the office in the coming months.

Sarah Allen, who hails from New York, travels for work and she is concerned about what the price at the pump could mean in the coming weeks. “For me I just stopped driving. I can work remotely, but the gas prices are just absurd,” said Allen.

In terms of visiting the pump Gas Buddy analysts say the cheapest day to fill your tank is on Sunday and Monday especially if you’re going to be traveling.

Experts also mentioned that the stations near the highway tend to charge more because of overhead costs.