(WWLP) – Connecticut’s gas tax holiday is on its fourth day, which means lower prices at the pumps south of the Massachusetts stateline.

Prices at the pump are starting to come down, especially in Connecticut as the gas tax holiday started last Friday. The law requires that retailers reduce their price per gallon by the amount of the excise tax – 25 cents. This saves the average family about $50.

According to AAA of Greater Hartford, the Gas Tax Holiday is making a difference. Monday’s average price per gallon of regular gas was $4.03, down from $4.27 before the regulation began on April 1.

A man from Belchertown is noticing the prices going down, even in Massachusetts. “From home I saw a station in Belchertown for $3.73 a gallon. It’s been around $4.02 for the past couple of weeks now.” Tom McRae, Belchertown

The Attorney General’s office is investigating 163 complaints they’ve received since Friday about some service stations not dropping the $.25 cent tax. Massachusetts did not pass a gas tax holiday.

Last week, President Joe Biden open the nation’s oil reserves, hoping to lower gas prices even more.