SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Western Massachusetts has never lost its appetite for Girl Scout cookies. Now, one week after Girl Scout moms received their shipment of cookies, customers are buying them up at vendor locations throughout the Pioneer Valley.

As 22News learned Saturday, once a supporter of girl scout cookies, always a supporter of girl scout cookies.

“Both of my daughters were Girl Scouts, I was a cookie mom, my husband was a cookie mom. We helped pack up and distribute cookies, we’re great Girl Scout supporters,” said Donna Conroy of Chicopee.

If buying these Girl Scout cookies brings such joy year after year you can imagine the happiness felt by the Girl Scouts and their adult mentors.

Arianna Jimenez, one of the Chicopee Girl Scouts Senior Staff Members told 22News, “It’s so exciting, each and every time I’m able to talk with everybody and able to sell some cookies…. I want to do it for the rest of my life.”

Girl Scout cookies have been attracting this passionate response for generations and if anything, the current concerns about the pandemic has made for an even more fervent response as we look to embrace a more normal avenue in our lives.

We get that opportunity as well as helping the Girl Scouts nurturing a new generation of young women each time we purchase a box of girl scout cookies.