SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Girls Inc. organizations throughout the Northeast held a workshop at Western New England University on Sunday to inspire teenagers in our region about their futures.

Daisha Ramos-Ortiz is a teenager from Holyoke with big dreams. She told 22News, “I want to go into Bio-Technology in my future. If it wasn’t for Girls Inc. I wouldn’t have been so strong in STEM. They provide me so much, I’m only 17 and I’m already ahead of the game.”

Thanks to Girls Inc. of the Valley, she has the confidence to pursue it.

Other teens here in western Massachusetts are following in Daisha’s footsteps. Girls Inc. organizations across the Northeast are gathering together to help inspire youth from all walks of life.

“Teen-Con 2022” took place at Western New England University and it’s meant to help teen girls set long and short term goals, to make them successful in their education, career, and life. There were workshops curated to teach teens to be excited for life post high school, and they even got a glimpse of the college experience.

“This is a great opportunity for teens to start figuring out what they might want to do, said Becca Newbart of Girls Inc. of the Valley. “They really need the space to figure that out for themselves and have the opportunity to learn from people who are in that right now. “

The speakers and mentors at the event hoping to leave them with some words of wisdom.

“You are created to be yourself, so just continue to be yourself,” said Mekkah Bergeron of Girls Inc. of the Greater Capital Region.

“Find your passions and advocate for yourself,” Saraf Salim of Girls Inc. of Long Island added. “Women really need to learn to speak for themselves because they are wonderful, and they have so much to give to the world.”

Many walking into their next part of life knowing; if they can dream it, they can be it.

“They’ve given me so many opportunities, and just meeting so many people and mentors, the amazing experience that I have had and others had; it’s giving me so much confidence in myself,” expressed Emmaline Pirnie from Girls Inc. of the Valley.