CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Everything is getting more expensive and a growing number of ‘Millennials’ and ‘Generation Z’ are dealing with debt, whether its paying off student loans or even just trying to enjoy a night out.

NBC reports that 22% of Millennials and 19% of Gen Z are going into debt from spending money on date night. 22News spoke with AIC Professor of Economics & Finance John Rogers about some good habits these generations can pick up to save and grow their money, which includes making sure to pay off credit cards completely and to not accrue interest.

“I think what people need to do is pretty simple. It’s just make a plan, put a little money aside out of every paycheck of every month, try to do the same thing on a consistent basis. Don’t dip into it, if at all possible, and just start investing,” said Rogers.

Professor Rogers adds that budgeting your weekly and monthly expenses can help you save money and from that budgeting, see how much of what you earn can go into your savings.

If you are interested in investing, Roger advises researching apps that can help you learn how to invest and try to put as much money as you can into your 401K.