HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – Recent construction along Route 9 in Hadley and the closure of Norwottuck Rail Trail are hurting a local supermarket’s business.

Across from Maple Farm Foods on South Maple Street is a segment of the Norwottuck Rail Trail being repaired. This comes as they widen Route 9 in Hadley, so the Rail Trail Tunnel can accommodate it. As a result of this project, along with ongoing groundwork construction on Route 9, and the construction of a new three-storied building next door, the supermarket’s owner, Steve Ozcelik, has already reported a decline in business of nearly 40 percent. 

“Construction all over us, we are kind of being as preempt into the construction,” said Ozcelik. “We are a little bit off the path, but they did it on our side a lot of construction and they did it on Route 9 and people are scared to come to the area…we suffered a lot.”

He adds that in the meantime, they are advertising and discounting items to try to draw more customers back, but it’s hard to predict what the long-term effects will be. After the crack repair work is done, the trail section from the tunnel to South Maple Street will be extended. According to Mass.gov, it’s expected to reopen on October 6th.

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