SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s been exactly a decade since an explosion erupted from Worthington Street and destroyed the Scores Gentlemen’s Club and amazingly, everyone survived.

In just one second, part of Worthington Street was gone, but the process of picking up the pieces was a far longer journey. On Black Friday, November 23, 2012, gas company workers, police, and firefighters were investigating a gas leak at Scores Gentlemen’s Club. Suddenly, the building exploded at 5:25pm in the evening and injured seventeen people. The boom could be heard for many miles.

Timothy Andrew is the owner of Tyre Trak Automotive Center and he said he remembers smelling gas as police, fire, and Columbia Gas responded.

“Wasn’t a piece of glass left in the building, wasn’t a door left in the building. and I thought it was probably the end,” said Andrew.

Former 22News Reporter Ryan Walsh said he was getting ready to go live, but in an instant an explosion knocked both him and his photographer Brian Riordan to the ground.

“It didn’t hit me until I got home that night of what actually happened once the adrenaline wore off a little bit,” said Walsh.

With 18 injuries, and $1.3 million in damage to 20 buildings, it’s no wonder Andrew felt the weight of it when he returned to his business the following Saturday afternoon.

“I remember mayor Domenic Sarno sweeping up glass in the parking lot and he came up to me and he said ‘Tim, the city will help you with this,’ and they did,” said Andrew.

Scores of buildings were leveled, and ten years later it’s still a vacant lot, but no one died.

“I mean it’s really a true miracle, and a good omen perhaps,” said Andrew.