SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A triumphant return home Sunday to Watershops Pond for Bonaparte; the more than 100-year-old snapping turtle.

A big crowd at Springfield College was there to wish Bonaparte well as the nearly 50 pound turtle once again entered the waters of the recently refilled Watershops Pond. He was taken when the Lake had to be emptied almost two years ago. Since then he’s been under the care of the Turtle Rescue League of Southbridge.

The President of the Turtle Rescue League, Alexxia Bell told 22News, “Bonaparte was part of the 200 turtles who took the road to find new homes elsewhere. He was relocated to Five Mile Pond, but he did not find the pond to his liking.”

Now that Watershops Pond has been refilled, the Turtle Rescue League determined it was time to return the iconic turtle to where he feels most at home.

Natasha Nowick, Director of the Turtle Rescue League said, “He is more than ready to go. He does not like his spot. He misses the mating season, so he’s grumpy about that.”

It’s been a difficult two years, but Bonaparte’s back where he belongs in Watershops Pond. Where he can hopefully enjoy many more years as one of the oldest of Springfield’s snapping turtle population.