SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield upgraded two city schools this summer.

The city wants parents and students to know that they are doing everything possible to ensure all school buildings run efficiently. Springfield’s Freedman Elementary School will look a little different this school year.

Mayor Domenic Sarno and Superintendent Daniel Warwick went to the school on Tuesday to get a first-hand look at the renovations. The school now has a new roof, windows, and doors.

“We will continue to rehab older schools,” said Mayor Sarno. “Some of the schools we are replacing date back to the late 1890s.”

“It allows everyone to be validated by the district, the mayor, the superintendent because they invested something because we are one of the older schools,” said Medina Ali, principal of the elementary school.

Freedman Elementary School students will have a much-improved gymnasium when they return to school next Monday, August 26. The renovated gymnasium has new floors and roofing which will help prevent mold from growing.

“Anytime water gets in you have huge mold problems,” Warwick told 22News. “So we put new roofs in and it’s made a huge difference.”

Warwick told 22News they have improved the air quality at all city schools, and they test it before the school year begins to make sure it’s safe. Many schools have no air conditioning, but they’re planning to make AC part of all future school renovation projects.

The Kiley Middle School also has new windows, doors, roofing, and a new media center. The city has received nearly a half-billion dollars in state funding over the last 10 years to improve school buildings.