SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Basketball fans came together at Springfield College for the 20th annual Hoophall Classic. This five day tournament takes place in Springfield every year.

“I just love Hoophall every year they bring the best kids all over the nation great tournament I can’t miss it,” said Springfield Resident Will Evans.

It’s the 20th year of the Spaulding Hoophall Classic, after a one year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic these young elite basketball athletes are taking a trip to the birthplace of basketball to show off their skills and baller moves.

“To be able to come out and enjoy some good basketball just to see the kids get up with the event. The whole Hoophall thing with the kids coming into the area our kids get really hyped up to come out and play,” said Springfield resident Michael Simmonds, who proudly supported his son from the bleachers.

This basketball tournament runs through Monday, featuring both local basketball athletes and athletes from states across the country, like Arizona and South Dakota.

“We got it right here in Springfield the birthplace,” Will Evans continued.

This basketball classic not only showcases the incredible talent of all of these national high school athletes, it also helps boost the local economy especially during these difficult times because of COVID-19.

“I think it’s very important those small business, restaurants and hotels and the stuff like that are around. They get a chance from employees to come back out pick up extra shifts and businesses to bring back more revenue,” Simmonds added.

This event runs from the January 13 to January 17, and the public is welcome to come down and cheer their favorite teams on.