The Baker-Polito Administration is awarding a grant to the Connecticut River Clean-up Committee.

The $1.5 million grant will be supporting efforts to improve the water quality in the river.

The grant will provide assistance to the cities of Springfield, Holyoke, and Chicopee as they implement plans to reduce sewer overflows and wastewater discharges.

In a news release, Governor Charlie Baker said the funds announced on Wednesday will support the ongoing efforts to keep contaminants out of the river and improve the quality of life for residents.

Holyoke Conservation Director Andrew Smith told 22News the Connecticut River is a vital natural resource in the Pioneer Valley.

“Taking these sewer overflows offline will allow us to prepare for flash flooding and eliminate untreated discharges to the river,” said Andrew Smith, director of the Holyoke Conservation and Sustainability.

As part of the Commonwealth’s Capital investment plan, $3 million has been awarded to the CT River Clean-up Committee efforts to date.

Wednesday’s award brings that total to $4.5 million.