SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Thursday marks the 32nd annual Autism Connections conference, a highly anticipated event that has returned both online and in person. This day-long educational conference bring together agency and education professionals, families, caregivers and individuals with autism to build knowledge and spread awareness.

The event was jam packed with information to better prepare those families or individuals
on the autism spectrum, especially for those families who recently learned about their diagnosis.

Autism Connections provides support, and practical help for children and adults with autism. As children grow and make transitions to preschool high school and adulthood, they work to promote the well-being of those with autism and foster their inclusion within the local community.

This event was intended to help families transition throughout this process and address
their concerns from the very beginning. Attendees were able to ask questions and learn in safe space.

“We’ve definitely seen a higher incidence of people being diagnosed with autism. But we tend to think that it might be because in the past it was misdiagnosed for other things. Now that we have a more thorough way of diagnosing autism and the neuropsychic figuring out what’s going on, we’re able to give people the help that they deserve, “said Program Manager Rhonda Setkewich.

Autism Connections knows that regardless of where you or your loved one with autism is on the spectrum, the journey is different for everyone so having that sense on community and support is crucial.