SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – No one has won the Mega Millions jackpot since October and Tuesday night’s drawing is for over $1 billion.

If someone wins Tuesday’s jackpot, it would be the third-largest jackpot in Mega Millions history and 5th largest in lottery history. The estimated $1.1 billion jackpot is surpassed only by the Mega Millions record of $1.5 billion in South Carolina in 2018 and the $1.3 billion prize won in Illinois in July. As the jackpot grows, so do the dreams of people wondering what they would do with over a billion dollars.

“Oh my goodness, I’d buy a house near the ocean for one… that would be unbelievable, yeah. I’d give my children a million each anyway,” said Judy Bourne of Chicopee.

If you end up being that lucky person getting all six numbers correct, the cash option is still over $550 million, enough for a house by the ocean and a million to each of Judy’s kids.

The jackpot has once again risen to an amount so high that there’s not even enough digits on the signs outside businesses. For stores that sell the tickets, it means increased sales.

David Glantz, Owner of Buckeye Bros, told 22News, “As soon as I came in this morning, there were people waiting outside in their cars, waiting to come in and play. I don’t know they had work or something but there was a line outside the door before I opened.”

Glantz said that this happens every time the jackpot grows to a certain amount and that many customers will only play the lottery if it gets to a certain amount.

“I don’t really buy those types of tickets but now that it’s up to such a high number, I figured I’d give it a chance give it a try,” said Floyd Stellmacher of Springfield.