SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A Springfield house warming on Monday like few others; A Habitat for Humanity family moved into the house they helped build.

There was quite a celebration as Natasha Emery and her two sons moved into a corner home on Bay street. One in which she herself had contributed sweat equity during the year long construction process.

Natasha Emery told 22News how it felt to be moving in, “Unexplainable…you’ve got this feeling running through your body. I didn’t sleep good last night. It’s a real moment, like you’ve worked hard, it’s here, but it really hasn’t set in. It’s just a real moment.”

Gifts from the MGM Springfield employees who donated their time to help build the Emery household under the banner of Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity.

The agency that orchestrates building homes for deserving families, like the Emery’s, is back to work after being slowed down by the Pandemic.

Deborah O’Mara from Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity talked about other projects in the works, “Yes we have two right now in Holyoke, and we’re going to work to finish those. And, our plan is do two or three a year and possibly more.”

Mayor Dominic Sarno shared the moment with the Emery’s and applauded the accelerated work of Habitat for Humanity helping families enjoy these precious moments of moving into a home they helped build.

Mayor Sarno said, “It’s tremendous, we have a great, great family here, the Emery family, coming into a great new home. It strengthens of the corner of Bay street, and it is a wonderful family.”

As the Emery family moved into their new home Natasha Emery felt the satisfaction of the sweat equity she put into it, hitting her fingers with hammers during hot days, adding, it was well worth it.