SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A national environmental organization is bringing attention to safety improvements they say need to be made to help make Springfield safer for walkers.

The city council recently passed a new ordinance to address speeding. The ordinance aimed at establishing a more accessible way to put in speed tables, then opening up to the community to say where they want them to go.

“The reason we’re looking at this is speeding is a very large problem,” said Springfield City councilor Michael Fenton.

Fenton said the new ordinance that passed this month will allow people to petition for speed tables in their own neighborhood, “DPW will put a temporary speed bump for 90 days and after that they’ll collect data and more input from residents about whether the table worked.”

This new ordinance comes after the city works to improve State Street, where multiple people have been struck and killed by cars. Currently the area around the library remains on a road diet, encouraging drivers to slow down.

Mackenzie Brown is a campaign associate of Environment America’s Global Warming program. The national organization coordinated with WalkBike Springfield to assess State, Chestnut and Dwight Streets.

“We’re advocating for a crosswalk as well as sort of bump outs. They’re extensions of the curb that make it easier for pedestrians to cross because it means they have to cross less traffic,” said Brown.

Brown feels by making streets safer for walkers, that will encourage more people to opt for greener forms of transportation.

The application for the new speed bumps ordinance is expected to go online in the next few weeks.