SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – Push back continues against Carvana’s proposed vehicle processing facility in Southwick and surrounding communities expressed their opposition to the project as well. 

City councilors citing that this project will have a negative impact on Agawam and its residents and if passed, the resolution will be sent to Southwick’s Planning Board. Traffic will increase, roads will be destroyed, and a number of safety issues will arise.  

That’s what Agawam city councilors are citing in their proposed resolution opposing Carvana’s project. While the massive facility would be located in Southwick, most of the traffic in and out of the facility will greatly impact Agawam as well, as there is no highway access in Southwick. 

“It will disturb the comfort of our people at 6 in the morning you are going to have 7, 8, 10 car carriers going by,” said City Councilor Rosemary Sandlin. 

Meanwhile in Southwick, the fight against Carvana continues. Thursday the organization called Save Southwick is set to hold a fundraiser. All the proceeds will help support the legal fees associated with fighting Carvana. 

Maryssa Cook-Obregon said, “We really want to take this time to bring people together keep the conversation going and keep the momentum going keep people optimistic. Yeah, we are in the throes of, right now, we aren’t sure where we are going next, but we are going there together.” 

The fundraiser is from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Southwick inn on College Highway. Organizers are encouraging people from the surrounding communities to attend as well. The Southwick Planning Board is scheduled to meet on July 20, for a public hearing on the Carvana project.