CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Anticipating the hot weather ahead during the coming week, don’t forget to check out the possible ill effect on your car’s battery.

Mal Brothers Auto Body in Chicopee won’t be surprised to replace a few batteries during the coming week when we could experience a heat wave.

Owner Ed Malikowski has learned from experience what prolonged heat can do to a car battery.

“Obviously people say, ‘My battery went dead in the heat’,” Malikowski said. “Extreme, whether it’s cold or hot, it will affect the battery. The batteries need to be replaced in the summertime because under the hood, it can be two hundred degrees.”

Malikowski said that while you’re having your battery checked, you might as well have them inspect the car’s cooling system, along with the belts and hoses. Also, your tires, which after six or seven years tend to dry up and crack.