TOLLAND, Mass. (WWLP) – According to Tolland Police Department, “Amazon Customer Service” scams have been targeting residents lately.

Residents will receive a text saying they are from Amazon Customer Service and stating that the victim’s account has been hacked or compromised. “Customer Service” will then instruct the victim to download an app to their phone that allows the hacker to see their phone screen.

By doing this, the hacker can see your bank accounts and other financial applications. Sometimes, they will also instruct you to drive to a local business or ATM to make a transaction.

The real Amazon will not contact you about account security through text messages. Amazon will also never ask you to download anything to your phone or ask you to drive to any business. If you receive one of these texts, do not reply, click on links, or interact with one of these texts.

If you are concerned about your account, google the actual Amazon customer service 1-800 number.