American Airlines has canceled all Boeing 737 Max flights for much of the summer season. 

Bradley said no airlines regularly fly Boeing 737 Max planes at their airport. 

American Airlines announced this weekend, a four-month extension of their cancellations of all flights aboard Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9.

Boeing 737 Max aircraft were grounded worldwide after two deadly crashes within the span of a few months.

“They need to keep them down and not put them back it up because I always check on my flights to make sure I’m not getting on one of them,” said Jairen Lewis of Charleston, SC. 

American Airlines said canceling 115 daily Boeing flights through August 19, will ensure reliability and safety during the peak travel season. 

But some people are concerned the cancellations will make it harder to find flights this summer. 

“It’s going to affect people’s travel and they won’t know which ones to take, and people are going to be confused,” said Teresa Hernandez of California. “Too many things are going on right now in terms of flying accidents.” 

American Airlines has 24 of these Boeing 737 Max planes but it would be rare for you to ever see one at Bradley International Airport. Bradley said the planes do not operate on a regular basis out of this airport. 

American Airlines said the 115 daily Boeing flights that are canceled, represent only one and a half percent of all-American flights this summer.

American Airlines isn’t alone in canceling flights this summer. Southwest Airlines will also keep Boeing 737 Max aircraft grounded until August 5, two months longer than their initial date. 

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